Frequently Asked Questions

The concepts behind RestoreX were developed by a Mayo Clinic Urologist specializing in Peyronie’s disease and RestoreX was designed and is manufactured in the United States. Customer service is also based in the United States. Repairs and warranty services are processed at our offices in Minnesota.
RestoreX is shipped in discreet packaging with no specific branding. The return address on the UPS label reads, “Shipping Department, PathRight Medical, Inc.”

RestoreX is currently only available to ship in the US and Canada through PathRight Medical. RestoreX can be purchased in Australia through Endotherapeutics at info@endotherapeutics.com. PathRight Medical is currently seeking a CE mark for the RestoreX device. Until this is obtained, PathRight Medical is unable to ship to European nations. 

Flaccid.  RestoreX treatment is to be delivered when the penis is flaccid.  The measurements used in determining the settings for RestoreX may, in part, be derived by what your penis looks like during an erection but the treatment itself is applied to a flaccid penis.
In our clinical trial, we asked patients if they had an indentation or hourglassing deformity in the shaft of their penis. After twelve weeks of use, 52% of those men indicated their indentation or hourglassing improved. They characterized the change as either significant (7%), moderate (50%), or minimal (43%). After 36 weeks of use overall response improved with 42% of men (as opposed to only 7% at 12 weeks) indicated the improvement was significant, 33% moderate and 25% minimal. Measuring changes in indentation our hourglassing is very difficult so the trial relied on subjective reporting from the patient. While we hope this information is helpful it should be noted that not all men have the same definition of significant, moderate or minimal.
Of men whose curvature was 7 cm or further back from the tip of the penis (i.e. near the base of the penis), results showed an average of 13 degrees curvature improvement, which was statistically significant compared to baseline and not statistically different compared to men who had curvatures more in the middle or end of the penis.  This finding suggests that RestoreX may effectively be used in men with curvatures, regardless of where the curvature is located.
Although relatively few men in the study had pure side or down curvatures, no differences in outcomes were noticed between different directions in curvature.