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The following training and resources will assist in using your RestoreX penile traction therapy device. Prior to using RestoreX for the first time, it must be customized for your specific anatomy and condition to achieve optimal results. The Training Overview and RestoreX Quick Start Video will walk you through the one-time setup process. Once the device is set up, it may be used with a simply use by securing and extending.

Following the training and instructions for RestoreX will provide the best opportunity to achieve the desired results.

RestoreX is easily customized by following the one-time set up instructions including:

  1. Selecting extension rod length.
  2. Adjusting the clamp location.
  3. Adjusting rod location on the pelvic ring

Using RestoreX is simple and only requires two 30-minute treatments for 12 weeks. To complete a treatment, first, secure the glans (head) in the RestoreX device. Next, extend the rods of RestoreX and release the tension springs. Finally, for the last 15 minutes of the treatment, rotate RestoreX in the opposite direction of the penile curvature you are experiencing.

For more detailed information regarding RestoreX, explore the remainder of this section or watch a short video on how to use RestoreX.

RestoreX Instructions for Use Manual

RestoreX Quick Start Video

RestoreX Instructions for Penile Lengthening

Penile Lengthening Quick Start Video

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