What Our Customers Have Said About RestoreX

The Restorex traction device has worked very well: over 13 weeks flaccid stretched length has increased from 6.25 inch to 7.0 inch (+/- 0.125 inch), or about 1.9 cm (+/- 0.3 cm) over a period of 13 weeks.  Kind of hard to measure angle change, but maybe now 20 deg vs. previous 30 deg.  Length performance was about the same as with Andropenis, but that device required 900 (!) hours of use, about 10 times as much as with Restorex.  And of course, there was no change in angle.  Four years after use of Andropenis, but before use of Restorex, most of the length gain was gradually lost.  So your recommendation to continue using Restorex for 1 or 2 days a week seems to be sound.

The design and quality of manufacture are both excellent, and much superior to other devices.  Design, quality, and effectiveness are all 5 out of 5.  Happy customer.

Customer since March 2019

This is a great product that can be used anywhere and anytime. I was surprised how easy it was to operate and how comfortable it is when stretching or bending is performed using this device. The customer support is the best of any other product I have purchased in the past. I would give this company and product a 5 out of 5 rating.

Customer since January 2019

I have been using the RestoreX device for close to two months. The customer service of PathRight Medical has been absolutely amazing. The company is extremely dedicated to providing its patients with as much information as possible – they always answer questions right away and are always a phone call or an email away. Their accessibility and care has really been a huge help.

Customer since July 2018

The key advantage of using RestoreX for the treatment of Peyronies’ is its unique design allowing for the direct targeting of tension to the deformity site. Tension can be easily optimized at the desired treatment location in the Angled Position by using the adjustment buttons. Changing between use in the straight and angled modes is easy after initial set up. My Andrologist recommended RestoreX and I am pleased to see some positive improvement even after a short period of initial use. PathRight Customer service support for advice and parts is excellent. Highly recommended.

Surgeon and Customer since September 2018

RestoreX customer service was very helpful and prompt. I had several questions and they got back to me right away with helpful answers.

Customer, June 2018

My Urologist recommended injections and a penile traction device for my recently diagnosed Peyronie’s. I have been very pleased with RestoreX’s ingenious design. The device is compact and easy to use for the recommended one hour per day. The company’s support is unbelievable and staffed by people that are always available and caring. I am very pleased.

Physician and Customer since April, 2018

I’m very pleased with the results of the RestoreX device, and my Peyronie’s has improved significantly since I began using it. I think it will probably turn out to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Customer since December 2017

The RestoreX is far superior to any of the other devices on the market.  It is easy to use and you can actually tell you are getting a good stretching.  Although, it has been only a few months, I can see some improvement.  If you are thinking about traction you should consider RestoreX.

Customer since November, 2017

The RestoreX traction device appealed to me for several reasons. The main reason being that the device doesn’t have to be worn for several hours a day like others on the market. Its ease of use is also a plus. It’s nice not having to worry about any guesswork in regards to the force of traction being safely and effectively applied while using. Since being diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease, I lost roughly 2″ in penile length. Since I’ve started traction therapy, I have gained 1.6″ back in length. My experience with the RestoreX device as well as the customer service at PathRight Medical, has been nothing short of great.

Customer since October, 2017

The RestoreX is my third penile traction device and I have to say that it is the iPhone of penis stretchers. I am truly thankful for your work and for letting me know about the device. The amount of force that can be generated is significantly greater than experienced with the other two devices that I purchased in the past.

Customer since October, 2017

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