About Us


PathRight Medical was formed in 2015 to meaningfully improve the lives of men with Peyronie’s disease or those with side effects associated with urological surgeries or chronic disease. To achieve this mission, PathRight Medical developed RestoreX in cooperation with Mayo Clinic.


RestoreX was invented by a specialist in Peyronie’s Disease (PD), Male Infertility and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) who has treated hundreds of men with PD and ED and grew frustrated with the first generation penile traction therapy (PTT) devices.   He found the first generation systems:

  • Required his patients to wear the device for too many hours each day
  • Were difficult to put on and properly tension
  • Caused pinching and irritation of sensitive areas

As a result, his patients had a difficult time complying with the required regimen of existing devices. And even when wearing the devices for extended periods of time, they frequently failed to achieve the desired results because of inherent designs issues and inability to achieve enough traction.

RestoreX’ physician inventor knew traction worked successfully in other areas of medicine such as treating scoliosis or straightening teeth and therefore it could help in treating PD. He also understood that many men desire a conservative front-line treatment that does not include needles or surgery.

First generation systems, however, had too many shortcomings to meet the need for a viable front-line conservative treatment. For example, none of the devices were designed specifically for PD and did not offer any way to bend the curvature while stretching the penis. Patients were unsure of how much force to apply, and most devices only provided traction intermittently or for the first few minutes of being worn. None of the existing devices were able to provide a consistent and sufficient amount of force to actually improve the underlying disease.


PathRight Medical, in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, had several goals for the new device including:

  • Alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life
  • Provide objective clinical trial results on safety and efficacy
  • Easy to use
  • Customized for each patient
  • Require less treatment time and worn in the privacy of your home
  • Provide feedback to the patient letting them know that they were in the treatment zone
  • Able to provide opposite angular force to deliver additional stretching to the disease site


After three years of development, testing and collaboration with Mayo Clinic, the result is RestoreX.  The RestoreX device provides men with a clinically tested, easy to use solution for treating curvature and lost length resulting from Peyronie’s disease and preventing or restoring lost penile length as a result of surgery, treatments or disease.

Learn more about RestoreX, the only traction device invented by a Board Certified Urologist specializing in Men’s Sexual Health and Peyronie’s disease.